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Ten hut!

It's war out there, and BOOT Camp is a call to arms to join the Lord's Army. There is no middle ground. You're either a soldier of Christ (the Commander-in Chief), or a POW of the enemy! At BOOT Camp, recruits will learn to battle their own sin nature, learn how to equip themselves for daily battle, and learn how to march against the darkness with the Gospel, advancing on the enemy and helping to claim territory for the name of Christ!

Program Overview

Day 1

"We're at War!"

Day 1
We're at War!
We’re all under attack by evil, and we should fight it at God’s side.
1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
(NIV shown, but KJV is also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Lesson “We're at War!”

Satan fired the first shot and it brought death. We must join God’s side and fight!

Bible Tactical Outreach Lesson: "Understanding the Gospel"

A review of the basic gospel ensures that we can effectively share it with others.
Drama Plot
Sergeant Willgo prepares the new recruits, who test his patience, for battle. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Tactical Outreach Manual

Custom covers for Evangelism Manuals the kids will get. These manuals are actually used in the Tactical Outreach Lessons.
Tactical Outreach Field Manuals Craft

"Firing Range"

A target shooting game involving 20 balls flying through the air and Scripture memorization.


Green rice krispy treats.
Army K-Rations Snack

"Stand Firm"

A call to arms in the war against evil.

Day 2

"Our Commander-in-Chief"

Day 2
Our Commander-in-Chief
Learn who God is and why He deserves our allegiance.
1 Peter 3:18
For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.
(NIV shown, but KJV is also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Lesson "Our Commander-in-Chief"

All about the attributes and character of God, as well as the amazing sacrifice He made for us.

Bible Tactical Outreach Lesson: "God's Love, God's Word"

Making people curious by showing them God’s love, then sharing God’s Word with them.
Drama Plot
The Sarge explains who Christ is to the recruits. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Living Water Canteens

Bottled water inside a felt pouch with a strap.
Army Living Water Canteen Craft

"Supply Line"

A fast-paced relay where teams race to move “supplies” from one end of a line to the other.

Dog Tags

Crackers, Cheez-Wiz, and licorice whips.
Army Dog Tags Snack

"God is Great!"

No matter what the circumstances, God is great!

Day 3

"The Enemy and His Weapons"

Day 3
The Enemy and His Weapons
How Satan and our own sin nature can destroy us.
James 4:7
Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
(NIV shown, but KJV is also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Lesson "The Enemy's Tactics"

The character of Satan, his weapons, and our own sinful hearts--the greatest danger to us.

Bible Tactical Outreach Lesson: "Out of the Darkness"

Sharing how Jesus delivered us from darkness to light by sharing our testimonies as an evangelism technique.
Drama Plot
Sgt. Willgo warns the troops about the enemy’s tactics and weapons. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Christian Flags

A Christian flag to remind kids of who their allegiance is to.
Christian Flag Craft


A freeze-tag adaptation which shows how quickly the gospel can spread when we try.

G.I. Slop

Pudding with bananas and Rice-Krispies mixed in.
Army G.I. Slop Snack

"Sword of the Lord"

Using God’s Word to do battle.

Day 4

"The Armor of God"

Day 4
The Armor of God
Understanding the functions and uses of God’s awesome armor.
Ephesians 6:11
Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.
(NIV shown, but KJV is also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Lesson: "Using Your Weapons"

A lesson about the armor of God, what each part is for, and how to use it.

Bible Tactical Outreach Lesson: "Using the Sword"

An exercise in answering people’s questions with Scripture to show that Jesus is the only way.
Drama Plot
Sgt. Willgo explains the functions of God’s Armor. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Dog Tags

Wearable art to remind kids of the gospel.
Army Dog Tags Craft

"Bombs Away!"

A fast-paced volleyball game played with four beach balls. Involves Scripture memory.

Obstacle Courses

Bars made of oatmeal, pretzel “walls,” and raisins.
Obstacle Course Snack

"The Armor of the Lord"

A rundown of each piece of God’s armor.

Day 5


Day 5
Jesus will return and win the final victory, but we must fight diligently until then.
Revelation 22:12
“Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.”
(NIV shown, but KJV is also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Lesson "The Approaching Victory"

The war will be won upon Christ’s return, but we must fight hard until that day.

Bible Tactical Outreach Lesson: "Battle Plan"

Targeting people who need Christ, making a plan, and advancing on the enemy’s territory.
Drama Plot
Jesus will win, but we still need to fight hard! Includes Gospel Presentation.

Ammunition Pack

A felt pouch with strap, filled with gospel tracts
The Lord's Army Ammunition Pack Craft

"Obstacle Course!"

A relay race which has teams racing through an obstacle course.

Snack Grenades

Miniature s’mores balls.
Snack Grenades Snack

"The Great Commission"

An inspiring reminder of our marching orders.

What You'll Get

Fast Facts

Quick information about this VBS

Question Answer
For Ages? 4 through 5th grade (Adult materials also included)
Teaching Levels? Up to three as needed (Preschool/K-5, 1st & 2nd, 3rd-5th, plus Adult lessons)
Bible Versions? NIV and KJV
Length of Program? Five days / 3 hours per day
Scale of Program? Scalable program can run in small churches and large churches
Reproducible? Yes. You are free to re-use or re-print materials freely for use within your own ministry.
Format? Digital web-based. Print your own materials as needed or teach straight from your mobile devices. No physical materials provided.
Cost? $99, plain and simple.
Sure, you might incur other costs depending on how you choose to use our program (printing, crafts supplies, and so on), but all you'll pay US is the price we're showing you. We won't nickel-and-dime you.


Stored for you on our servers...

Our products are digital, not physical. That means you won't have to wait for us (or pay for us) to ship you a box full of stuff. Instead, we deliver all of our materials to you INSTANTLY by hosting it all "in the cloud" on our website. This allows you to get started right away, without having to keep track of books, discs, or other stuff. You and your staff can simply log in to our website from any computer or mobile device, and all of your materials are right there waiting for you, right at your fingertips, wherever you are!

Better still, our servers will always have the most recent, up-to-date versions of our materials, all backed up regularly and waiting for you to access, now or years in the future, anytime you need them! It's a faster, smarter, and less expensive way to do VBS! See our information below about what this VBS includes!

What's Included

See what this vbs includes

Included Components Description
For Ages 4 through 5th grade (Adult materials also included)
Two Bible Versions NIV and KJV
Director's Guidebook Overview of VBS with tips and directions for planning and operating VBS
Drama Guide Drama scripts with Gospel presentations for every day of VBS
Teaching Director's Guide A guide for planning and distributing the VBS lessons
Bible Lessons Bible-based, interactive lessons at three teaching levels for each day of VBS
Tactical Outreach Lessons Evangelism training for each day of VBS (one lesson used for all age levels)
Adult Lessons Following the themes of the childrens' lessons, but at a more mature level
Music Media Downloadable audio tracks for the VBS songs
Music Guide Song lyrics, chord charts, and written hand motions for VBS songs
Crafts Guide Directions, supply lists, templates and diagrams for all VBS crafts
Games Guide Directions, rules, supply lists, and diagrams for VBS games
Snacks Guide Directions, supply lists, and recipes for all VBS snacks
Age Group Guides Directions for Age Group Leaders
Missions Guide Suggestions and fundraising tools for VBS missions projects
Registration & Scoring Directions and materials for offline registration and scorekeeping
Decorations Guide Suggestions and ideas for VBS decorating
Advertising Guide Pre-designed printable flyers and posters and other promotional materials
Banner Artwork Provide our artwork to your local sign shop to produce large advertising banners
Discipleship Materials Free follow-up materials for newly-saved children
Gospel Tracts A selection of printable gospel tracts to pass out to kids or adults
Clip Art VBS character art in different ethnicities, along with a selection of logos, posters, and general VBS clip art
T-Shirt Artwork Provide our artwork to your local t-shirt shop to produce VBS t-shirts

What's Needed

Items you'll need to supply

Item Explanation
Classrooms Needed 4 Minimum. Up to 8 for large programs.
Volunteers Needed One adult for every ten children, plus five
Supplies Needed for Crafts, Games, Snacks, etc. Our crafts, games, and snack projects all call for low-cost supplies which can be purchased from nearly any discount store like Walmart. Alternately, many of the supplies can be purchased at discounts from various vendors online. The specific items you'll need are detailed in the VBS materials themselves, and the quantities needed depends upon the number of children you will have.
Paper If you choose to print everything we supply, you'll need 500-1000 sheets or more of paper. See "Printing Solutions" below.
Ink or Toner If you choose to print everything we supply, you'll probably go through a couple of ink cartridges. Laser printing may be more cost-effective. See "Printing Solutions" below.
Printing Solutions It may not be necessary for you to print many of our materials. Using smartphones or tablets, you and your staff can access our materials from those devices and work straight from their screens. Or, you can have multiple people login to our website and ask them to print a portion of the materials you need. For example, you could ask teachers to print their own lessons, etc. Smaller churches will surely not need to do as much printing, and larger churches will tend to be more capable of larger amounts of printing. Higher amounts of printing will cause increased costs in paper and toner. However, even if your ministry spends as much as $150 for ink and paper, the cost of our VBS still comes in lower than most of our competitors.

Price Comparison

Our cost vs. their cost

When comparing VBS prices, you need to know about additional expenses you'll incur. With our VBS, you'll need to buy some paper and some ink or toner. But with our competition, you'll have to buy a whole lot more! Check out the cost breakdowns below for a VBS of 100 children:

TruthQuest Full VBS Kit: $99

Includes everything from the "What's Included" section above, and it's all re-printable. To use it for a VBS of 100 children, you'll just have to buy some paper and ink or toner:

TruthQuest VBS Additional Costs
Cost for copy paper you'll need $25
Cost for ink or toner you'll use $65
Base cost ($99) plus additional costs ($90) $189

TruthQuest Total Cost: $189

(Excluding supply costs for crafts, games, snacks, etc.) This would be the cost for using our VBS for 100 children. Compare this with our competition:

Competition's Starter Kit: $99

Includes single copies of guides for the VBS Director, Snacks, Games, Crafts, Assemblies & Drama, Preschool Lessons, K-1st Lessons, 2nd-3rd Lessons, 4th-6th Lesson Guide, and Student Discipleship, along with some sample trinkets and DVDs. But, in order to use their VBS for 100 children, you'll also have these additional costs:

Competitors VBS Additional Costs
NOTE: Items with an asterisk (*) are included in the Starter Kit, but additional copies will likely be needed and must be purchased separately.
Cost for Preschool lesson guide* $15
Cost for K-1st lesson guide* $15
Cost for 2nd-3rd lesson guide* $15
Cost for 4th-6th lesson guide* $15
Cost for Teen & Adult Lesson Guide $30
Cost for a set of nine teaching posters $10
Cost for Take-Home lessons for 100 kids $100
Cost for Helper Guides for 20 volunteers $19
Cost for Crafts Guide* $8
Cost for Games Guide* $8
Cost for Snacks Guide* $8
Cost for Discipleship Guides for 100 kids $130
Cost for Gospel Tracts for 100 kids $10
Cost for 100 Advertising Flyers $30
Cost for 20 Advertising Posters $12
Cost for digital banner artwork to send to a sign shop $10
Cost for 20 Decorating Posters $12
Cost for 5 station rotation signs $10
Cost for 100 VBS Certificates $30
Cost for 120 VBS name tags $6
Cost for VBS Music $30
Base cost ($99) plus additional costs ($523) $622

Competition's Total Cost: $622

(Excluding supply costs for crafts, games, snacks, etc.) This would be the cost for using their VBS for 100 children. That's over THREE TIMES the cost of TruthQuest!

Sampling and Ordering

How to try out and order this VBS

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