Drive! vbs

Start Your Engines!

Throttle up for the fastest, funnest VBS ever on four wheels! Get behind the wheel with Roy, Dixie, and Crash and learn what it takes to run a good race, proudly touting your Sponsor, making adjustments as needed, and putting the pedal to the metal for an all-out race for the eternal crown!

Program Overview

Day 1

"Sponsor and Savior"

Day 1
Sponsor and Savior
The cost for entering the race is too high for us to pay, and only our Sponsor and Savior can pay the full price for us to be in the race. So, race for the glory of Jesus and display His Name proudly!
1 Peter 3:18A
For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.
(NIV shown, but KJV, ESV, and HCSB are also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Story Lesson: "Paid in Full"

While on the cross, a thief comes to terms with his own sin and asks Jesus to “sponsor” him, paying his way into Heaven. Adapted from Luke 23:39-43

Bible Application Lesson: "Sponsor and Savior!"

Through object lessons with t-shirts and Scripture, children are confronted by the fact that they cannot pay all the costs to enter the race, and that only Jesus can pay their way.
Drama Plot
Roy explains to his new racing students that they need a Sponsor in order to get into the race. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Sponsor Hats

Baseball caps with “sponsor” logos, race numbers and decorations.
NASCAR Racing Sponsor Hats Craft

"Hat Dance!"

A relay race that requires players to put on ten hats and recite Scripture before the other team can do it.

Stock Cars

Made from crackers, Easy Cheese, cheddar cheese and Cheerios.
Racing Stock Cars Snack

"Paid My Way!"

This 70’s style rock tune reminds kids that Jesus paid the way!

Day 2

"Know and Go!"

Day 2
Know and Go!
In auto racing and in the race of life, it’s important to know your stuff! But, just KNOWING what the Bible says is useless unless you ACT on what you know by applying and obeying God’s Word!
James 1:22
Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says!
(NIV shown, but KJV, ESV, and HCSB are also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Story Lesson: "Ordinary Champions"

The Sadducees, with all their knowledge, fail to live out what they know, while Peter, with seemingly limited knowledge, heals a cripple by God’s power. Adapted from Acts chapters 3-4

Bible Application Lesson: "Know and Go!"

Through Scripture, and through object lessons with a race car without wheels, kids will learn the importance of combining knowledge of God’s Word with action to obey it.
Drama Plot
As Dixie and “Crash” fuel their rivalry, Roy reminds them both to talk with their actions. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Paper Stock Cars

Fun, accurate stock car models made from folded paper.
Paper Stock Cars Craft


A wheeled mini-cart race that requires cooperation and teamwork in order to succeed!

Piston Rods

Made with cucumber slices, celery stalks, and Easy Cheese.
Racing Piston Rods Snack

"Know and Go!"

This 50’s style rock song reminds kids to know and apply their Bible!

Day 3

"Stay on Track!"

Day 3
Stay on Track!
There’s only one road to Heaven, and you’ve got to stay on that track. Often, that means undergoing adjustments and discipline to make sure you don’t get off track!
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
(NIV shown, but KJV, ESV, and HCSB are also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Story Lesson: "Against the Wind"

After spying out the Promised Land, Caleb and Joshua go against Israel’s prevailing disobedience, staying on track and finally entering the Promised Land. Adapted from Numbers chapters 13-14

Bible Application Lesson: "Stay on Track!"

Using Scripture, and an object lesson with a rolling office chair, kids will learn the importance of staying on God’s path and using God’s Word to keep them on track.
Drama Plot
Roy warns Dixie not to get caught up in her rivalry with “Crash.” Instead, she should stay on God’s track. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Steering Wheels

Pipe insulation and craft foam formed into a steering wheel.
Racing Steering Wheel Craft

"Tire Roll!"

A relay race that requires kids to roll a tire around obstacles and recite Scripture.

Lug Nuts

Made with banana pieces and mini Oreos dipped in chocolate.
Lug Nuts Snack


This fun song gives kids a four-step process for staying on track!

Day 4

"Refuel, Repair & Refresh!"

Day 4
Refuel, Repair & Refresh!
The race is long, and you can’t run a good race unless you pull over for regular pit stops. There, your worship and fellowship will refuel, repair and refresh you so you can run a better race!
Hebrews 10:25
Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
(NIV shown, but KJV, ESV, and HCSB are also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Story Lesson: "The Ultimate Pit Stop"

While Martha frantically runs and runs, her sister Mary takes time out to sit at the feet of Jesus to be instructed. Adapted from Luke 10:38-42.

Bible Application Lesson: "Refuel, Repair & Refresh"

Through a Scripture-driven object lesson with bottles of water, kids will learn how they can “run out of gas” and why they need to attend church to be repaired and “refueled.”
Drama Plot
Dixie learns the hard way that every racer needs regular pit stops for refueling and repairs. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Pit Passes

Credential holder lanyards made from craft foam, complete with pit passes.
Pit Pass Craft

"Pit Stop!"

A race that involves simulated pit stops, where kids must “change tires” and “gas up” as quickly as they can!

Racing Tires

Chocolate donuts with raised “letters” made from icing.
Racing Tires Snack


This powerful worship song reminds kids of God’s power!

Day 5

"Race to Win!"

Day 5
Race to Win!
It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, so keep a steady and consistent pace and be faithful to God in all you do. Race in such a way as to win the prize, and tell the world about Jesus!
Philippians 3:14
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
(NIV shown, but KJV, ESV, and HCSB are also available)
Bible lessons

Bible Story Lesson: "A Lifelong Race"

Through many trials and through the reigns of three kings, Daniel lives out a consistent life of honoring God. Adapted from the Book of Daniel.

Bible Application Lesson: "Race to Win!"

Through a Scripture-based object lesson that features kids “racing” through the classroom, children will learn that consistency and faithfulness, NOT speed, will win the race.
Drama Plot
Putting her faith into practice, Dixie sets her rivalry with “Crash” aside and shares her faith. Includes Gospel Presentation.

Checkered Flags

Checkered flags made from craft foam or paper with a dowel rod pole.
Checkered Flag Craft

"Truthopolis 500"

A full simulated stock car race where kids must race around a track and must make regular pit stops along the way.

Checkered Flags

Cubes of dark and white bread laid in a checkered pattern with sauce.
Checkered Flag Snack

"Keep Pressing On!"

This southern-rock song exhorts kids to never give up in the race!

What You'll Get

Fast Facts

Quick information about this VBS

Question Answer
For Ages? 3 through 6th grade (Teen and Adult materials also included)
Teaching Levels? Up to four as needed (3s & 4's, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th, plus Teen and Adult lessons)
Bible Versions? NIV, KJV, HCSB, ESV, NLT, NKJV
Length of Program? Five days / 2 1/2 hours per day
Scale of Program? Scalable program can run in small churches and large churches
Reproducible? Yes. You are free to re-use or re-print materials freely for use within your own ministry.
Format? Digital web-based. Print your own materials as needed or teach straight from your mobile devices. No physical materials provided.
Cost? $99, plain and simple.
Sure, you might incur other costs depending on how you choose to use our program (printing, crafts supplies, and so on), but all you'll pay US is the price we're showing you. We won't nickel-and-dime you.


Stored for you on our servers...

Our products are digital, not physical. That means you won't have to wait for us (or pay for us) to ship you a box full of stuff. Instead, we deliver all of our materials to you INSTANTLY by hosting it all "in the cloud" on our website. This allows you to get started right away, without having to keep track of books, discs, or other stuff. You and your staff can simply log in to our website from any computer or mobile device, and all of your materials are right there waiting for you, right at your fingertips, wherever you are!

Better still, our servers will always have the most recent, up-to-date versions of our materials, all backed up regularly and waiting for you to access, now or years in the future, anytime you need them! It's a faster, smarter, and less expensive way to do VBS! See our information below about what this VBS includes!

What's Included

See what this vbs includes

Included Components Description
For Ages 3 through 6th grade (Teen and Adult materials also included)
Six Bible Versions NIV, KJV, HCSB, ESV, NLT, NKJV
Director's Guidebook Overview of VBS with tips and directions for planning and operating VBS
Drama Guide Drama scripts with Gospel presentations for every day of VBS
Teaching Director's Guide A guide for planning and distributing the VBS lessons
Bible Story Lessons Bible story-based lessons at four teaching levels for each day of VBS
Bible Application Lessons Object lessons for Bible application at four teaching levels for each day of VBS
Adult & Teen Lessons Following the themes of the childrens' lessons, but at a more mature level
Music Media Downloadable audio and video tracks for the VBS songs
Music Guide Song lyrics, chord charts, and written hand motions for VBS songs
Crafts Guide Directions, supply lists, templates and diagrams for all VBS crafts
Games Guide Directions, rules, supply lists, and diagrams for VBS games
Snacks Guide Directions, supply lists, and recipes for all VBS snacks
Age Group Guides Directions for Age Group Leaders
Missions Guide Suggestions and fundraising tools for VBS missions projects
Registration & Scoring Directions and materials for offline registration and scorekeeping
Decorations Guide Suggestions and ideas for VBS decorating
Advertising Guide Pre-designed printable flyers and posters and other promotional materials
Banner Artwork Provide our artwork to your local sign shop to produce large advertising banners
Discipleship Materials Free follow-up materials for newly-saved children
Gospel Tracts A selection of printable gospel tracts to pass out to kids or adults
Clip Art VBS character art in different ethnicities, along with a selection of logos, posters, and general VBS clip art
T-Shirt Artwork Provide our artwork to your local t-shirt shop to produce VBS t-shirts

What's Needed

Items you'll need to supply

Item Explanation
Classrooms Needed 4 Minimum. Up to 8 for large programs.
Volunteers Needed One adult for every ten children, plus five
Supplies Needed for Crafts, Games, Snacks, etc. Our crafts, games, and snack projects all call for low-cost supplies which can be purchased from nearly any discount store like Walmart. Alternately, many of the supplies can be purchased at discounts from various vendors online. The specific items you'll need are detailed in the VBS materials themselves, and the quantities needed depends upon the number of children you will have.
Paper If you choose to print everything we supply, you'll need 500-1000 sheets or more of paper. See "Printing Solutions" below.
Ink or Toner If you choose to print everything we supply, you'll probably go through a couple of ink cartridges. Laser printing may be more cost-effective. See "Printing Solutions" below.
Printing Solutions It may not be necessary for you to print many of our materials. Using smartphones or tablets, you and your staff can access our materials from those devices and work straight from their screens. Or, you can have multiple people login to our website and ask them to print a portion of the materials you need. For example, you could ask teachers to print their own lessons, etc. Smaller churches will surely not need to do as much printing, and larger churches will tend to be more capable of larger amounts of printing. Higher amounts of printing will cause increased costs in paper and toner. However, even if your ministry spends as much as $150 for ink and paper, the cost of our VBS still comes in lower than most of our competitors.

Price Comparison

Our cost vs. their cost

When comparing VBS prices, you need to know about additional expenses you'll incur. With our VBS, you'll need to buy some paper and some ink or toner. But with our competition, you'll have to buy a whole lot more! Check out the cost breakdowns below for a VBS of 100 children:

TruthQuest Full VBS Kit: $99

Includes everything from the "What's Included" section above, and it's all re-printable. To use it for a VBS of 100 children, you'll just have to buy some paper and ink or toner:

TruthQuest VBS Additional Costs
Cost for copy paper you'll need $25
Cost for ink or toner you'll use $65
Base cost ($99) plus additional costs ($90) $189

TruthQuest Total Cost: $189

(Excluding supply costs for crafts, games, snacks, etc.) This would be the cost for using our VBS for 100 children. Compare this with our competition:

Competition's Starter Kit: $99

Includes single copies of guides for the VBS Director, Snacks, Games, Crafts, Assemblies & Drama, Preschool Lessons, K-1st Lessons, 2nd-3rd Lessons, 4th-6th Lesson Guide, and Student Discipleship, along with some sample trinkets and DVDs. But, in order to use their VBS for 100 children, you'll also have these additional costs:

Competitors VBS Additional Costs
NOTE: Items with an asterisk (*) are included in the Starter Kit, but additional copies will likely be needed and must be purchased separately.
Cost for Preschool lesson guide* $15
Cost for K-1st lesson guide* $15
Cost for 2nd-3rd lesson guide* $15
Cost for 4th-6th lesson guide* $15
Cost for Teen & Adult Lesson Guide $30
Cost for a set of nine teaching posters $10
Cost for Take-Home lessons for 100 kids $100
Cost for Helper Guides for 20 volunteers $19
Cost for Crafts Guide* $8
Cost for Games Guide* $8
Cost for Snacks Guide* $8
Cost for Discipleship Guides for 100 kids $130
Cost for Gospel Tracts for 100 kids $10
Cost for 100 Advertising Flyers $30
Cost for 20 Advertising Posters $12
Cost for digital banner artwork to send to a sign shop $10
Cost for 20 Decorating Posters $12
Cost for 5 station rotation signs $10
Cost for 100 VBS Certificates $30
Cost for 120 VBS name tags $6
Cost for VBS Music $30
Base cost ($99) plus additional costs ($523) $622

Competition's Total Cost: $622

(Excluding supply costs for crafts, games, snacks, etc.) This would be the cost for using their VBS for 100 children. That's over THREE TIMES the cost of TruthQuest!

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