Getting Around

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TruthQuest is pleased to introduce you to our brand new website! We started from scratch to replace our old, outdated site with a fresh, simplified interface that is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and computers. From reduced graphics to enlarged fonts, the end result is a site that is faster, easier to navigate, and more readily available from nearly any device. Here's what's different:

The Bottom Buttons
Along the bottom of every page on our website, you'll find these four buttons. Here's what they do.
What the TOP Button looks like
Go to Top
Takes you to the top of the page
What the HOME Button looks like
Go to Home Page
Takes you to the main home page of
What the ACCOUNT Button looks like
Go To My Account
Access your purchased products or create an account
What the CART Button looks like
View My Cart
Shows you which items you currently have in your "shopping cart" and allows you to complete the purchase of those items
Product Actions Buttons
When you're on a page for one of our products, three more buttons will also appear at the bottom of the page. These will allow you to take certain actions for that product
What the SAMPLE Button looks like
Print Sample
Prints a sample guide for the product
What the TRIAL Button looks like
Free Trial
Allows you to try out the full product at no cost or obligation
What the BUY Button looks like
Buy It!
Adds the product to your shopping cart. The price for the product is displayed on the button itself
Grey Buttons
All of our pages also have these little grey buttons. Here's what they do.
What the RIGHT Button looks like
Go to...
Takes you to a link
What the OPEN Button looks like
Expand Panel
Reveals additional information
What the CLOSE Button looks like
Close Panel
Hides information
We're Not Finished... Yet
Our site is still under construction. Here's what's yet to be done.
Completed Front-End
Not all of the pages on our site have been given the updated look yet. That will change soon, giving you a consistent look and interface throughout our site.
All-New Ordering System
Soon, you'll be able to securely save your card information with our card processing vendor (your card information is neither received or stored by TruthQuest), reducing the amount of information you have to enter when making repeat purchases. Better still, you'll finally be able to purchase multiple products in a single order, and you'll instantly receive a printable PDF invoice for your records. More efficient and more secure, buying from us is about to become much better!
Printless Materials
Perhaps the largest undertaking of our website project is the conversion of all of our PDF lessons to the web-native HTML format. Gone will be the days when our customers will be forced to print all of their lessons (though they will still be able to if they wish). Soon, you'll be able to login, find the lesson you want to teach, and teach it directly from your smartphone or tablet, with all of our lessons optimized for phone and tablet screens. This feature will become available for our Children's Church and Sunday School materials first, and will be added to our VBS and Camp products later.